In the winter semester, the Chair of Security Engineering offers the lecture "Cryptography on Hardware-Based Platforms". As a core subject, this lecture is aimed in particular at ITS students in their 5th semester, but is of course also open to participants from other disciplines.

In the summer semester Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tim Güneysu read the lecture "Computer Science 2 - Algorithms and Data Structures". At the beginning, the basic concepts of analysis and efficiency or complexity will be discussed. Building on this, the focus is on sorting and search algorithms and their implementation. The course concludes with the consideration of graph algorithms. The entire lecture will be accompanied by theoretical as well as practical exercises.

In addition, the Bachelor's and Master's seminars "Security Engineering" are offered every semester. The seminar topics are assigned via the central topic assignment system of the HGI.

Courses during Winter Term

Courses during Sommer Term