Software Speed Records for Lattice-Based Signatures

Tim Güneysu, Tobias Oder, Thomas Pöppelmann, Peter Schwabe

Post-Quantum Cryptography - 5th International Workshop, PQCrypto 2013, Limoges, France, June 4-7, 2013


Novel public-key cryptosystems beyond RSA and ECC are urgently required to ensure long-term security in the era of quantum computing. The most critical issue on the construction of such cryptosystems is to achieve security emph{and} practicability at the same time. Recently, lattice-based constructions were proposed that combine both properties, such as the lattice-based digital signature scheme presented at CHES 2012. In this work, we present a first highly-optimized SIMD-based software implementation of that signature scheme targeting Intel's Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge microarchitectures. This software computes a signature in only 634988 cycles on average on an Intel Core i5-3210M (Ivy Bridge) processor. Signature verification takes only 45036 cycles. This performance is achieved with full protection against timing attacks.

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