Cryptography for Next Generation TLS: Implementing the RFC 7748 Elliptic Curve448 Cryptosystem in Hardware

Pascal Sasdrich, Tim Güneysu

54. Design Automation Conference, DAC 2017, Austin, TX, USA, June 18-22 2017.


With RFC 7748 the two elliptic curves Curve25519 and Curve448 were proposed for the next generation of TLS. Both curves were designed and optimized purely for software implementation; their implementation in hardware or physical protection against side-channel attacks were not considered in the design phase. Recently, it has been shown that for Curve25519 an efficient implementations in hardware along with side-channel protection is feasible -- yet results for the high-security Curve448 are missing. In this work we demonstrate that Curve448 can indeed be efficiently and securely implemented in hardware. We present a novel architecture for Curve448 that can compute more than 1000 point multiplications per second with 1580 logic slices and 33 DSP units of a Xilinx XC7Z020 FPGA.

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